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  • 2015

    Noël Akchoté & Mikrokolektyw / Noël Akchoté & Mikrokolektyw - MKW-3 (Noël Akchoté Downloads, Album, 2015)

    Released 31 December 2014 Noël Akchoté & Mikrokolektyw – MKW-3 (Noël Akchoté Downloads, Album, 2015)

    Artur Majewski : Trumpet, Cornet

    Kuba Suchar : Drums & Percussion

    Noël Akchoté : Electric Guitar

    Recorded & Mixed in Wrocław (Poland), at OPT (Ośrodek Postaw Twórczych) by Artur Majewski, January 2014.

    Photography, Artwork & Layout by Dagmara Świętek

    All Composition Majewski / Suchar / Akchoté (Copyright Controlled)

    Produced by Majewski / Suchar / Akchoté – MKW-3 © Mikrokolektyw / Noël Akchoté Downloads 2015 (All Rights Reserved).

  • 2014

    Białoszewski do słuchu, VOL. IV / Bôłt Records 2014, BR R004

    Miron Białoszewski, Kuba Suchar & Artur Majewski

    Recorded in October and November 2013 at OPT Wrocław, Poland.

    All this to feel the passion.

    It is not until his works are heard that Białoszewski reveals his full spectrum.

    In print, the content is in the first place but only the possibility of re-listening to outstanding, originally performed texts – apart from the obvious emphasis put on the musical nature of his poetry – allows us to follow the virtuoso of words and the ephemeral beauty of his art.

    For us, improvizing musicians, abstractions and facts complement each other in the process of reaching the beauty. Worked out day by day, they eventually „get out” of us without thinking. But one needs to seize that particular moment.

    The tape recorder in Białoszewski’s room and the microphones in our recording studio become the common denominator. It’s the easiest way to hunt for oneself.

    Artur Majewski and Kuba Suchar

    Wrocław, November 2013

    Wszystko to, żeby złowić uniesienie.

    Dopiero słyszany Białoszewski ukazuje swoją pełnię.

    W druku na pierwszy plan wysuwa się treść, ale dopiero możliwość wielokrotnego słuchania wybitnych autorskich wykonań, oprócz oczywistego uwypuklenia muzyczności jego poezji, pozwala na prawdziwe podążenie za tym mistrzem słowa i ulotnym pięknem jego sztuki.

    Dla nas, improwizujących muzyków, abstrakcje i konkrety uzupełniają się w procesie dochodzenia do piękna. Rozpracowywane codziennie, w końcu “wychodzą” z nas bez użycia myśli. Ale trzeba się na tym przyłapać.

    Włączony magnetofon w pokoju Białoszewskiego i mikrofony rozstawione w naszym studiu stają się wspólnym mianownikiem. Tak najłatwiej polować na samego siebie.

    Artur Majewski i Kuba Suchar

    Wrocław, listopad 2013

  • 2013

    Absent Minded / CD - Delmark Records 2013

    As Mikrokolektyw Kuba Suchar and Artur Majewski continue to explore a vast terrain of post jazz soundscapes. These shifting limitless ideas, merging electronic sounds with complex melody and rhythm, push them to the forefront of contemporary jazz. As with their critically acclaimed debut Revisit (Delmark 591) and it’s follow-up live dvd Dew Point (Delmark 1597), Absent Minded is a stark and brilliant reminder that jazz is a living language, constantly expanding into new horizons. Mikrokolektyw reveal a facet of jazz whose sonic palette is both diverse and challenging yet astoundingly beautiful. A boundary erasing excursion into the range of emotions that is possible when we speak in multiple tongues.

    Raymond Salvatore Harmon – producer

  • 2010

    Dew Point / Delmark Records 2010, DVD 1597

    Raymond Salvatore Harmon, producer of Mikrokolektyw Delmark debut Revisit, returned to Wroclaw, Poland to capture this intimate live performance of avant duo Mikrokolketyw at the legendary Polish film studios Wytwórnia Filmów Fabularnych in April of 2010. Dew Point places the material of “Revisit” into the performance setting, expanding their tunes into improvised forms, playing as the soundtrack to director Harmon’s film Sound in Motion. Mikrokolektyw’s electronics driven compositions become more acoustic, the dynamic of each song expanded and explored. Visually the DVD provides a lush and atmospheric backdrop in which the band plays out against rich colors touched with interludes of abstraction from the film they accompany. DVD includes 5.1 surround sound, PCM Stereo, plus the film Sound in Motion.

  • 2010

    Mikrokolektyw & Alzheimer Trio - Live at Stanica / Vytvornia OM 2010

    This record documents the improvised music played by the Slovenian band Alzheimer Trio and Polish duo Mikrokolektyw at the concert held at Stanica in Zilina, Slovakia, on 18 November 2006.

  • 2009

    Revisit / Delmark Records 2009, DE 591

    Polish duo Mikrokolektyw explore regions of warped impressionist Don Cherryesque melodies like cartographers from some distant future. Their style is an outline of unexplored electronic hieroglyphs, an almost forgotten language shaped by moog, drums and trumpet. With this language they illustrate a map of vast sonic territories. Drummer Kuba Suchar and trumpeter Artur Majewski have collaborated with dozens of Chicago jazz greats as touring members of Rob Mazurek’s Exploding Star Orchestra and Sao Paolo Underground groups. Their electronic driven jazz stands out for its downtown sound, a new freedom of innovation burning with an idiosyncratic sense of expression.

    Raymond Salvatore Harmon – producer

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