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MIKROKOLEKTYW have been making waves on the European music scene since 2005. Known for their high energy, electronics driven, acoustic jazz the duo of drummer Kuba Suchar and trumpeter Artur Majewski came together from the ashes of the Polish jazz supergroup Robotobibok

As a duo their stripped down style has become almost impressionistic, organically building compositions from improvisational elements. Having shared the stage with Chicago jazz heavy weights like Fred Anderson, Nicole Mitchell, and Rob Mazurek’s Exploding Star Orchestra, not to mention international artists Matmos, Fennesz, Zu, Tied and Tickled Trio, and Sao Paulo Underground, Mikrokolektyw have toured in Europe, USA and Japan and performed at some of the world’s greatest music and arts festivals including Chicago’s World Music Festival, UnSound Festival – Krakow, Cerkno Jazz Festival – Slovenia, OFF Festival, STIMUL, Follow the Sound – Antwerpen.

When Delmark Records producer and filmmaker Raymond Salvatore Harmon met Mikrokolektyw in the fall of 2007 he knew right away that their idiosyncratic sense of improvisation was perfect for Delmark. Mikrokolektyw have become the first ever European Avant Jazz group to record for Delmark in its close to 60 years. This historic occasion alone attests to the level of musicianship and creative drive that can be found on Revisit their debut Delmark recording.

The eleven forward thinking compositions of Revisit outline the complex nature of Mikrokolektyw’s sonic ideas. Moog driven rhythms accentuate the mix of genres and musical forms, bringing together disparate structures into a near-futuristic whole. Revisit is followed by live DVD Dew Point (2010) and most recent Delmark release – Absent Minded (2013).

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