As Mikrokolektyw Kuba Suchar and Artur Majewski continue to explore
a vast terrain of post jazz soundscapes. These shifting limitless ideas,
merging electronic sounds with complex melody and rhythm,
push them to the forefront of contemporary jazz.
As with their critically acclaimed debut Revisit (Delmark 591)
and it's follow-up live dvd Dew Point(Delmark 1597),
Absent Minded is a stark and brilliant reminder that jazz is a living language,
constantly expanding into new horizons. Mikrokolektyw reveal a facet of jazz
whose sonic palette is both diverse and challenging yet astoundingly beautiful.
A boundary erasing excursion into the range of emotions that is possible
when we speak in multiple tongues. - Raymond Salvatore Harmon - producer
19|03|2014klub Fama, Białystok
20|03|2014Powiększenie, Warszawa
09|04|201450. Jazz nad Odrą Festival, Wrocław
17|05|2014Cafe Kultura, Świecie
24|09|2014Pera Muzeum, Istambul, Turkey | TBC
03|10|2014Jazz and More Festival, Sibiu, Romania | TBC
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